Allow for more history in terminal

In terminal it does now allow enough history in order to see a command like “route print” in full

Can this be allowed to see more?

@popofcorn you can expand the terminal output by dragging it up

It doesn’t go far enough - only gets about 3/4 of the output

Running “route print” locally in cmd/powershell full screen the output scrolls more than one page.
There is a tiny amount that seems could be allowed to expand further, but based on testing locally and still needing to scroll I’m doubtful that would give you what your looking for.

Gotcha so this is a limitation of the terminal tab in immy? This is something when we are troubleshooting we’d rather run without having to login to the PC.

Ah, I see what you are saying. I read it as the output pane wasn’t able to expand enough.

This seems more like a support item than a feature request.
I’ve tested “route print” from your example on 3 systems both from the Immy terminal and powershell directly on the devices, and all 3 tests matched what the device showed to what the Immy terminal output was showing.

If you have some examples where this is getting cut off from the Immy terminal vs what occurs directly on the endpoint, sending those to support to get the dev team to review would be the way to go.