Allow Multi-select in CWM agreement / agreement type deployments

we have multiple agreement types… and yes Multiple agreement products that are used for Huntress S1 etc. it would be nice to have the ability to use a multi-select option in the deployment target type.

You don’t need to, just do multiple deployments, one for each agreement type. I mean, I get the multiselect, but that creates deployment resolution issues and UI issues.

My issue is, for Sentinel 1 alone we have 4 Agreement products and we have only been selling it for about 5 months. I assume it is a fundamental issue with the administration side of our CWM instance. I looked at doing it at the agreement level, but many of our agreements have S1 as an addon, that doesn’t show in the products, just under additions or some such.
The ultimate solution is to bonk the people over the head that are entering different product codes for the same product, but that is above my pay grade <>.