Conflicting Deployments/ Deployment Resolution

Has the deployment resolution ranking changed?

In the past (I think?) cross-tenant tags were used to exclude tenant wide deployments.

Computers at tenant X should have Zoom installed.
Computers with ‘No Zoom’ tag should have Zoom uninstalled.

Assuming a computer is at tenant X , and has the ‘No Zoom’ tag, should Zoom be installed?

I feel the answer was no, however that’s not what I’m seeing. Did I just imagine the way this works or has the ranking changed?

You might have been running into this

Tags no longer have Priority - Global Software & Script Issues - ImmyBot Community

Cross tenant deployments was never suppose to win over single tenant deployments as the priority has always been closer scoped wins. There was a bug where tags could win from the cross tenant even when there was a single tenant deployment.