CyberCNS Global Software Script

CyberCNS support team is really helpful so if anything needed from them, I can help expedite it.

Would be good to automate deployment for it using a Global Software like Printix and Huntress where it can access tenant name and deploy Lightweight agent or Probe based on selection

API Documentation: CyberCNS API Documentation - CyberCNS V2 - Confluence (

They provide powershell for the installer and need 3 things to associate the installer with the company:
Client Secret

Their support is absolutely fabulous and can be contacted on [email protected] for any further information

if you can get some API information on how it can connect, it may push the approval over the line

Thanks, added more details. Hope that helps

Got response from support to easily get agent secret key for installation using this:
API :- ‘https:///api/company/ccns/getAgentSecrets’
data :- {
“companyid”: “”