iQuila VPN Deployment

Script to deploy iQuila using the MSI installer. Then use the API that I have to create a device, update a password, and delete the device on the iQuila portal, along with the command line to configure iQuila on the device level. I’m having issues with PowerShell variables from Immy not working, but manually working.

I had success creating the deployment package in Immy for iQuila. It had been implemented with the below options and APIs.

Create a new device. (This will start from scratch and generate a new device.)

  • Change your password (If the device exists, it will update the password both on the IQuila portal and the device.)
  • Delete a device (If a device is created within 48 hours, it is totally removed. Otherwise, it will be placed in the “Pending Deletion” category.)
  • Restore a previously deleted device (only applicable for devices with “Pending Deletion” status).

To establish the iQuila solution for any new client, we need two things: the names of VEN connections and VPN switches for that client. Once we get these details, I will incorporate them into the code, and it will be ready to launch. This part is still manual, and I have been trying to get it automated, but I am not seeing any way that the iQuila tenant names or VPN switch names differ from what we have in Immy. So I’ll have to look for Immy tenants and then use PoSH functions to assign the switch and VEN connection.

Looking forward if you can help me with the refinement of the code.
Many Thanks.

Can you take a look? I will be happy to share the code details with you.