Report Current Patch Status

Please allow for the option for reporting or collecting data regarding the patch status of all machines

Have you used the dashboard?

…and have you looked at:


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1st response, yes but the info isn’t very useful in a reporting sense,
Boss wants an automated report that we can send to clients and the Dashboard doesn’t have much in the realm of exportable information

2nd response,
Yes but the response goes on a tangent about triggering updates to have a config item per update found,
I just need to get an X Computers up to date X computers missing Y updates

So, can you provide an example of what you think would make sense?

a CSV that can list each computer, what tenant is belongs to, the primary user, the model, what version of windows, what major patch it is on (22h2 for example), what is the latest windows cumulative patch, result of the last maintenance session, date of last maint session.

all sent via email to a specific address.

So what do you mean by the “result” of a maintenance session?

Like, literally mock this up.

Pass vs failed
not needing a deep dive, mostly summery