Target type - additional filters needed

I would like to request an additional group filter added to the deployment options.
I love being able to use Azure groups to tag computer to what software gets installed. This works for about 90% of my users. The few users that have a second computer, this really doesn’t work for. The Second computer is usually only need for a light weight device for taking notes or bringing to meetings. Thus a lot of the software that is assigned via the Azure group is not needed on the secondary computer.

I would love to be able to use 2 different “Target types” to be able to add or remove constraints on the computer based on a TAG that is assigned in Immy.Bot so only some of the software that is assigned via the Azure group gets installed.

I would love additional flexibility too. You might be able to get what you want out of a filter script though. You have visibility to tags in a filter script, so you can get the “everything except this tag” functionality that way, but i’m not 100% sure about azure groups.

A quick skim of the existing filter scripts reveals a “Azure Cross Tenant User Group Filter Example” script that indicates that this should be possible.