User permissions by tenant

I would like to be able to limit the tenants that administrative users can see. We have clients with compliance requirements that some of our employees, who don’t live in the US, cannot have any access to. Currently they can’t use Immy at all because I can’t limit their access to certain tenants only.

If you can provide more detail I’m sure @DarrenDK would be receptive. Granular permissions are something that several folks have asked for in the past year, and some of those granular permissions are forthcoming.

Very simply I’d like to be able to limit which tenants our technicians have access to. I don’t want any technicians to have access to our internal MSP deployments. I don’t want our contractors who live in Europe and Africa to have access to certain clients who have CMMC requirements. Etc.

Yes, there is already an earlier feature request, you should uovote that one as well.

Looks like this is the same as these two existing feature requests which appears to have more traction.
Closing in favour of the existing feature requests.
Granular Technician Permissions - Feature Requests - ImmyBot Community
Per-tenant permissions, especially to deny access to internal - Feature Requests - ImmyBot Community