Add additional uninstallers for UWP Apps

We would like to see uninstallers for

Xbox - I believe this is xbox app services that isn’t being seen by the existing ones (Seeing this on windows 11)

Thank you

Updated existing Xbox uninstall deployment as it appears Windows 11 changed the name of the appx
Checks for both Microsoft.XboxApp & Microsoft.GamingApp.
In Windows 11 Microsoft.XboxApp was changed to Microsoft.GamingApp.

Added “YourPhone” aka Phone Link.

Careful with going too far with removing APPXs, personally I would leave phone link, expect some clients to complain about that being gone based on first hand experience.

If you are not using the “Configure Suggested Content (Content Delivery Manager)” task already, ensure you add this as part of your deployments it will result in a much cleaner start menu when new users are created:

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