Add Filters to computer lists

In the computer list, I’d like to be able to quickly filter the view to show only onboarded/not onboarded, online/offline, integration/agent type.

Add to this: I’d like a filter for the Computers screen matching the target filter from the deployment list. It should be easier to pull up all Servers/Domain Controllers/etc. on the Computers list.

Bump, these filters would be nice (maybe mark them as “advanced filters”)

i would also like to add, being able to filter by companies and maybe a few other attributes, like CPU types and OS along with do like filters to sort out computer names with wildcard support would be amazing (so we can do like ‘name like nuc*’ or opposite ‘name like *nuc’)

only because this just came up recently, but would be awesome to have a “not equal” or “not like” filter and be able to use that for OS/processor/tags