Add parameter for "Device Group" to Sophos Endpoint Agent software

Hi - Sophos Endpoint has an option to set a device group when running the installer. Having the ability to set this in a deployment or onboarding would be very helpful to us. The command line option looks like the following:

--devicegroup="Your Group Name"

The full list of options is found here: Installer command-line options for Windows - Sophos Central Admin

We unfortunately can’t set this easily after initial install, as it seems Tamper Protection prevents us from just running the setup executable again, and we can’t see a way to dynamically retrieve a tamper protection password and turn it off.

Many thanks!

I am looking to do this exact same thing. Has anyone found a way to add this through ImmyBot as a part of the initial deployment?
There hasn’t been any reply on it. @David_Verrier did you ever get further on this?