Adding N-Able Take Control (standalone) Deployment

We use N-Able N-Central as our RMM and their other product N-Able Take Control (standalone) as a remote access backup software. I know other MSPs do the same. I am unsure if there is an API method that can be used or not

Docs That May Help:

There’s already an N-central integration deeper than pretty much any other RMM yet, including deployment.

The N-Central integration only handles the N-Central agent, not Take Control. The act of installing the agent, will automate the installation of Take Control for devices that have it enabled. However, it doesn’t cover the stand-alone version of Take Control, which is what was asked for. The stand-alone version can be useful to get remote access to provide support on devices that you don’t necessarily want in your N-Central environment. For example, a VIP client asks for some help with a personal laptop and you don’t want to just say “no” to them.