Additional RMM functionality, network monitoring?

We are a large MSP and we currently use N-Central as our primary RMM, and Immy’s starter tier really only for computer deployments. I’ve been asked today if Immy does network appliance monitoring (alerts if firewalls/AP’s/etc go down, etc), which I know Immy does NOT currently do. This is one of the primary reasons currently for us NOT switching to Immy as our primary RMM instead.

Is Immy considering adding that functionality in the future? If not, I would recommend it, as it would be a great addition to this tool.

@Max_Trivers Monitoring features have been considered and discussed, but I don’t know the full roadmap. That said, I dumped my RMM almost 3 years ago and use ScreenConnect as primary remote control and also a secondary Immy Agent, and then use other tools for monitoring (such as PRTG and Liongard). Much better results for us.