Allow partners to customise the default username on the download Immy Bot agent screen

Allow partners to customise the default username on the download Immy Bot agent screen

Can you please explain a use case for changing this?
As we don’t create new agents often I can’t see a reason for this

We create new agents often and each time, we have to manually edit the username to our standard.
If we can’t change it then we have to create another deployment that disables “Administrator” and create our own user which seems double handling.

We have LAPS enabled in Ninja RMM so as long as the user is created with the correct username, it will reset the password and save it in a secure field within Ninja

We use the LAPS IT Glue solution so the password is often quickly updated after it’s onboarded.

My concern is that the password used by Immy is bound to be on a list of default passwords to try, and if for any reason the LAPS part fails then we are left with a default admin account that is insecure.

As an MSP, we should be able to define the default username and password for Immy deployments, this would limit the risk.

You could go even further and have one per customer/tenant, but we wouldn’t use this feature ourselves.

How willing are you to go outside the box to do this? From a quick look in the browser debugger, the interaction between the browser and immybot is pretty straightforward, basically it appears that the browser tells ImmyBot about the ppkg it wants to create (tags, wifi creds, default account creds, etc) and then ImmyBot gives back a url to download.

That should be pretty straightforward to implement in powershell or the scripting language of your choice.

I might look into it after the last time I updated our workshop USB’s and forgot to add the “SOE” tag :expressionless:

The request is just for username customisation. Just in your case, our RMM system would take care of resetting the password as part of LAPS

We got Immy Bot primarily to note having to do the scripting work ourselves. Thanks for the work around though, we might wait until Immy impements the change and will continue changing the username manually until then