Allow rebranding of the update/postpone webpage in the Maintenance emails

When a maintenance email is sent the update now and postpone buttons link to an immybot branded web page,
Can we please be able to rebrand the loading icon and webpage to the companies logo?

I think this should be added to the branding–but keep in mind it’s still going to direct them to a * domain in the browser.

The branding looks like it affects emails only,
I would be nice to apply branding to the webpage they get sent to

Agreed, that’s why I voted. But they’re still going to see the domain was my point.

This would be great!
ATM This is our one hold point on pushing these notifications out and placing clients on a schedule for maintenance. We understand it will still send end users to * however if it could load our logo on the first splash page that is opened after clicking the “Postpone” from the email. Ideally the branding that is configured replaces the default brandings.

+1 for branding this as well.