Any way to make deployments optional?

I’m working on deploying ImmyBot, and I just wanted to know if it was possible to make an onboarding deployment optional. Essentially, I want to make it so that each entry in the onboarding form has a Boolean for whether or not to install it. Not every computer at a given company will need to have Office installed, but most will. It would be nice to have it in the onboarding from with the option to skip it. Can this be done easily? Will I have to edit the scripts for each deployment to add this or is there an option I’m missing? Thanks for the help, I’m a little new to this.

I’m pretty sure Immy will install Office only if the primary user is licensed for it.

Well, I only used Office as an example here. Let’s say QuickBooks, then.

@annjrue the deployments and how they are scoped is how you control your desired state with Immy.
There is no way to make a deployment that resolves to the scope of a computer optional, you would adjust your deployment scope to change the scope of the deployment for when it should be applied.
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An example like QuickBooks you could target an Azure group for the accounting/payroll team who use Quickbooks.
This way Quickbooks deployment would only resolve to computers in ImmyBot that either the computer or the primary user of the computer is in the Azure group selected as the scope on the deployment.

You could also use tags.
@DimitriRodis likes to use tags for his QB deployments.
Create a tag, create a deployment scoped to the tag, tag tenants/computers/users with that tag.

Personally I don’t like computer level tags unless that is a last choice option as it’s one more thing the tech onboarding the computer needs to remember. If they don’t tag the computer with the QuickBooks tag then QuickBooks won’t get installed. Where as if you use Azure groups and there is standards in place about what Azure group a new user should be placed in, then the work has been done on the user side and the tech onboarding the computer doesn’t need to remember to tag the computer.

Thanks for the input! I’ll keep this in mind.

I think ImmyBot is about 10 times more powerful than we need it to be for what we want to do. I’m really just trying to make deployments a little less hands-on, and I’m the one that usually does them. Our deployments end up being pretty specific per-user since our clients don’t have that many users to begin with. Example using QuickBooks: We only have one or two companies that have an accounting “department,” and they consist of like two users.

I’ll try the tags out and see how that goes. I wonder if maybe we should just cancel our Immy subscription and use Ninite haha

I’m really confused–“ImmyBot is about 10 times more powerful than we need it to be”?

Deployments are the rules by which Immybot will do any specific action–install and update a piece of software, or make sure a specific registry entry is set a particular way, and yes, this can be done on a per pimary user basis if that’s how you build the rules.

That said, if you are building software based on specific users, I’m just going to say this out loud: you’re doing it wrong!

Your deployments should be based on standards for your organization as well as your client:

QuickBooks should be deployed to any computer whose primary user is a member of “Accounting”

Instead you want to individually memorize who should get QuickBooks? That’s some insanity imo.

Build the business rule (aka, “the deployment”) to match what should happen. Once you do that, ImmyBot can not only set up new machines, but keep them updated and in the desired state.