Arduino IDE

I use to deploy this via MDT, but would like it to be more Immy Botty. Also, it’s been a while and I’m sure a few things have changed.

I have a dynamic versions script for the msi:
Get-DynamicVersionsFromGitHubUrl -GitHubReleasesUrl ''
-VersionsPattern “arduino-ide_(?[\d.]+)_Windows_64bit.msi”

I edited the default msi installer to include the parameter ALLUSERS=1, which is needed for this one.

That installs the software fine, but then it prompts for a couple of windows firewall exceptions and then the IDE runs and tries to download and install a few things that also prompt for admin.

There is also this recent Reddit thread where some users were complaining of having issues:

I can try to figure out where to go from here, but it’s likely going to take a while… :sweat_smile:

Here was my solution to this deployment:

I’m sure the yaml, shortcut, and bat could be created via powershell, but it seemed more simple to just host them on our github page and pull them down from there. I’m not sure if there was otherwise a more native ImmyBot way to include all of those files with a software configuration task. I’d also need to do something for the certs too. I know there is a task for installing certs, but I’m not sure if it can be made a pre-req of a software.

@Jesse_G why not add the file parameters to the software?

I’ve not set up the Ardunio IDE (never having had a need to do so), but what certificates are needed? Are they always needed? Why not use the certificate task within Immy ordered before Ardunio? Or are you saying certificates are required 100% of the time for Ardunio IDE to install?