Attach reboot requirement to Deployment and schedule

I want to be able to run “Daytime Maintenance” and “Nighttime Maintenance” separately. I’m getting too many maintenance sessions taking many hours when something hangs which just isn’t acceptable for users during the day, but still want to get some coverage.

Obviously you can’t update Office during the day (requires closing all apps), but you can do things like enable DEP or add registry keys, and install Windows updates for the next reboot.

One way I thought of that might work is to attach the reboot requirement to the deployment itself, and when you have a maintenance schedule that suppresses reboots, it wouldn’t select any deployments that need a reboot.

I know that Software installs have a “Reboot Required” flag, but that isn’t useful here.

Better still would be tags on the deployment (as opposed to filtering targeted devices by tag), and then filter deployments by tags on the schedule :slight_smile: