Auto-Onboarding for 3rd Party Agents

Hi, would it be possible to have the ability to setup auto-onboarding for devices that get registered from 3rd party agents like Connectwise?

Will this setting allow auto-onboarding when it syncs from CW?


Do you mean to Automate? Immy has a built in integration for CWA, CWM, and CWC.

No I meant, to be able to configure that as soon as it lands in Immy from CWC to run onboarding

When you say configure that, do you mean configuring the Automate agent?

As long as your integrations are setup in Immy, you shouldn’t have any issues downloading the Immy .PPKG (or however you plan to do it) to onboard clients in Immy.

Does that make sense?

Hi, I know how to download the PPKGs etc. I don’t want that.

I want the ability to configure automatic onboarding when the machine comes from the integrations. Instead of having “New Computers that need onboarding” I want Immy to run it automatically without any input.

Going tag @Dakota_Lewis and @DimitriRodis to help you out.