Auto-retire agents in Immy after a set period of time

Hi Immy,

It would be nice for any device that hasn’t checked in for X amount of months to be retired and/or deleted.
This could be configurable for each Immy customer.


Isn’t that what the “Stale” tab is for? Couldn’t you just set your stale period and then remove them as needed?

There is the stale tab, but I am looking for a script/process that automatically does this, to save time.

Immy mentioned they don’t have a script that removes or retires agents.

There’s definitely more consideration that needs to be taken than to just “delete” things after a certain period of time. I get the basic premise, but honestly I can’t say I would want to use it this way because I typically use the stale tab in immy to confirm IN OTHER TOOLS that the agent is in fact no longer in service prior to deleting it.

What other tool behaves that way?

Longer term, Immy is going to be able to “offboard” machines by deleting retired agents from other integrations as has been discussed in some of the past monthly roundtable calls.

So, to me, introducing a feature to just “delete” computers without some more complex (and safe) criteria is a recipe for disaster if not appropriately tended to and shouldn’t come before dynamic integrations at a bare, bare minimum.

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We have a scheduled task in Automate that runs, and retires devices that are offline for more than X months. It’s really multi-purposed:
Automating this saves us time
Keeps our clients billed accurately
Keeps our total agent count accurate, based on the initial query

Maybe it’s not that simple to do in Immy, but that’s how we do it in Automate + a biling automation that was built.

Hope that helps.