Autodesk Revit 2023 Updates and uninstall fails

I have been trying to get Immy.Bot to get all of our computer with Revit 2023 on it updated to the latest version. Every option Immy.Bot has for updating or Uninstalling older versions fail. the messages I always get is that it fails to find the version so It stop the process.

 Reboot suppressed. 
 Uninstall command completed. Running detection to see if it worked. 
 Retrieving bulk software list. 
 Retrieved 314 software. 
 Getting installed version from Windows Registry where display name matches regex "^Autodesk Revit 2023$". 
 Found "Autodesk Revit 2023" version "". 
 Failed to uninstall Autodesk Revit 2023  using the upgrade code, product code, or software table name.

 Cannot uninstall using the latest version's uninstall script because the latest version was not found. 
 None of the software removal processes were successful.

@Gav , do all of the Revit versions have the right uninstall script assigned (and do they work)?

All versions of Revit are part of’s global software library and cannot be edited.
They do have’s defined uninstall script.
I don’t know if it’s because Immy.Bot only supports the certain versions of the software.
I do know that Autodesk does not always have the cleanest of installers and I have seen issues with them in the past. I have also noticed that Immy.Bot only shows the initial version of the software that was released from Autodesk and none of the updates. When the software gets installed I still have to manually install all of the updates and patches from Autodesk.

Long time known issue.

We have been looking for a non authenticated way to query for product updates in order to write a dynamic versions script for their products.

That is unfortunate.
There are a lot of companies that use Autodesk software and I constantly hear how difficult it is to deploy software and keep it up to date. Autodesk refuses to listen to the IT community on how their software is deployed and are in the impression that everyone has the resources to use software like Microsoft SCCM or can give local admin rights to all users. In my mind neither solution is appropriate.

I apricate your feedback and I hope a better resolution can be found in the future.

@DarrenDK has a working proof of concept with this as long as an API key is provided. Any chance of seeing this pushed forward?

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Wish I would have read the community forums before signing up for Keeping Revit (and AutoCAD) up to date are the main reasons we signed up. This sounds like a major road block but it sounds like maybe @DarrenDK has a possible solution? Would like to add our vote for seeing that pushed forward as well!

I have created installers for Revit updates and hotfixes for 2021 and 2022, and they are working well. I’m just trying to work out some failures on a few machines. I uploaded the files from the Autodesk portal for updates and hotfixes and then made the deployments. It’s not a dynamic script, but it works.
But it’s still a huge pain to uninstall Revit if I have to use cmd. Always had to do it manually.

I have not tried this for Revit 2023 but it works for 2022.

function UninstallAutodeskRevit2022 {

Start-Process "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AdODIS\V1\Installer.exe" -ArgumentList "-i uninstall -q --trigger_point system -m C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ODIS\metadata\{03BD6A4A-C858-3AD2-9353-DF2974C9918B}\bundleManifest.xml -x C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ODIS\metadata\{03BD6A4A-C858-3AD2-9353-DF2974C9918B}\SetupRes\manifest.xsd" -Wait

Start-Process "MsiExec.exe" -ArgumentList "/X{7346B4A0-2200-0510-0000-705C0D862004} /quiet /norestart" -Wait