Autodesk Vault Professional 2022

Drew was helping us as well.
We use the Vault Professional 2022 installer from the Autodesk website.
Then we install a patch that is also available on the Autodesk website Autodesk_VaultClient_2022.2.2_Update.exe.

If you can grab the installer URL that should look something like this – it should be pretty easy to get the base version deployment going.

@DimitriRodis and @Jason_Lang I believe have been looking into some of the Autodesk patching and may have some input on that part.

Hey Gav,

I have been patching Autodesk stuff Ad-hoc so far. All the updates required to get behind their account login which is specific to what products are associated with that account. The next step we need is for Autodesk to either provide an account with all access to the updates or to open up a public way to get to those updates.

@Gav I provided you access to our instance. I have in Local the installer uploaded and called it Autodesk Vault Professional Client 2022. The patch that we push after we install is Autodesk_VaultClient_2022.2.2_Update.exe and it’s uploaded as a separate software called Autodesk Vault Professional Client Patch 2022.2.

The local installer isnt what we need–we need the URL of the installer so it can be added to the unified Autodesk script.

Ive managed to find these links on the autodesk forum

Vault Professional Client 2022
Part 1:
Part 2:

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The post I located these in -


Nice find @Alex_Williams.

@lht_ro Vault Professional 2022 has been added to global.

As per @Jason_Lang 's comment you’ll likely need to do the patches locally for now.
Perhaps Jason might be willing to share how he got the patches to work.

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