Bluebeam Revu 21 - SetAsDefaultPDFHandler using incorrect ProgID

Good Morning Team Immy…

I noticed an issue with the configuration task for the Bluebeam Revu 21 deployment software. It looks like there is a hardcoded parameter for the ProgID that is using RedlinePDFfile as the ProgID to set. When I checked a PC with Revu 21 set as the default handler, it showed Applications\Revu.exe
as the ProgID. Is it possible to adjust this value?

Also, I don’t think it was actually setting all the values in the user profiles it was trying to set the ProgID for when running the configuration task. After running, none of the profiles showing as “undesired .pdf associations” had changed to the RedlinePDFfile value set in the script.

Hi Jason,

The code is now updated to reflect versions equal to or higher than `21 and sets the correct ProgID accordingly. Let me know if that works.

Hey Terry, thanks for the update. I think that RedlinePDFfile may be the correct value for that, but the ProgID for RedlinePDFfile may not be getting created before Bluebeam has been opened or run. Could you set it back to RedlinePDFfile? My apologies for the mistake. We may need to add some steps to validate that the RedlinePDFfile ProgID exists before attempting to set the default handler.