Bulk Session Cancel

Would like to see the ability to mass cancel sessions that are stuck in “Pending Connectivity” or other statuses from the Sessions board. Alternatively, if possible, could put in some logic to auto-close those sessions if they exceed a specific time limit.

For example, I am seeing sessions that have been running for 3000+ hours and are over 5 months old.

Bulk cancel and bulk rerun was added to the maintenance session list page in 0.54.4

I’m for a max amount of time to wait for a machine to come back online before the session just gets cancelled.

Yeah, I’ve seen the bulk cancel options which can be ran on a mass deployment via the ad-hoc panel. One of the big things I want to see is like what Dimitri added, a max time out before an offline machines session is cancelled.

The perpetial pending sessions eventually really get to me, like an overflowing trash can!