Business Hours expanded to assign by site

Hello Team Immy,

So here is a bit of an odd one. I have a client who is in NY and I have Suppress Reboots During Business Hours setup for their office’s Maintenance Schedule, works perfectly. But they have one employee that works from London and the allowed reboot time has her bouncing up and down during her work day. I have excluded her from the NY office’s Maintenance Schedule and went to setup a maintenance schedule just for her which I could set to UK time, but when I got down to the “Suppress Reboots during Business Hours” section, I noticed it only allows you to set it for the office’s business hours. Is there a way that I can have a “Suppress Reboots” window overridden by the Schedule or the endpoint’s time zone? Being able to define the business hours by the site would work as well.

Thanks all!


We really could use the addition of “Locations” or “Sites” within immy… Just saying…


Locations. Sites wwould be nice.

But really, Immy needs to query the machines active time zone and base it on that. we have global clients, people travel for work, immy needs to be aware of where in the world the system is and base schedule on th at.


Totally agree. Recent discussions were had about this (even on the most recent existing user roundtable call). Hoping we see it happen!

Allow Business Days and Business Hours Granularity

If you could break out business hours to business hours Monday, business hours Tuesday, etc. that would help with some of our clients that have remote workers across the globe.

Having an override for computers “Specific system business\operational hours” could be useful as well. I think if this could be set at the site\location level, that would accomplish the same thing and probably be easier to manage.

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