Can a OpenVPN Config import task be created

OpenVPN connect has added a way to import the config file via commandline on openvpn connect client.
is there a way to create a general task sequence to import config. example of command below.

openvpnconnect.exe --accept-gdpr --import-profile=C:\Users\jigadmin\Desktop\config.ovpn --name=VPN

Does that perform differently than the “Configure OpenVPN Profile” task that already exists?

I don’t have the ability to add anything to global, but what I did for one of my recent local software items was add a parameter called “inifileswitch” which is just a normal switch parameter. Then I made dynamic media parameter on the condition that the switch returns true. That opens up the media uploader to allow me to drag and drop an ini file into the deployment. Finally, I just needed to adjust the install script to have basically an if/else to determine if a config file is being used or not.

Same practice could be applied to your ovpn file. If you are able to get it working and post it back here, the Immy team is usually a lot faster at adding things if they at least have a boiler plate to work with. Otherwise, you are dependent on how many votes this receives, which could take a while.