CIPP (Cyberdrain)

Firstly, Kelvin says hi :slight_smile:

For those that do not know already, CIPP is a M365 multitenant management solution ( that makes Microsoft’s own partner portal look like a toddler made it.

I’d really love to see some sort of native integration between Immy and CIPP.
I know that Immy already has very tight integration with AzureAD and MS365, but I can imagine that the CIPP team have made some of the typical Graph functions quite a bit easier to deal with through their platform (and API).

What I’d really love to see is an inclusion of Immy’s upcoming Offboarding (and possibly onboarding too) in CIPPs wizards for this. I can envision Offboarding clearing off 3rd party agents from integrations on the machine or possibly even a win reset. Onboarding could possibly come in the form of selecting the machine a new user intends to use, which would then tell Immy to set the primary on Immy’s side. Once that’s done, it should ideally kick off an (optional) maintenance or onboard to ensure that user’s machine is prepared with the deployments they should have.

Immybot, Rewst, and CIPP are three of my favotite (and newest) tools, I’d love to see some more live collaboration between the platforms :smiley: