Citrix Workspace Configuration Task

Can we add a configuration task to Citrix Workspace?

That does what, exactly?

We’re configuring the Citrix gateway store data for our customers so it automatically brings them to the right gateway. Install and uninstall | Citrix Workspace app for Windows

We’re trying to install it with the following cmd: CitrixWorkspaceApp.exe /silent STORE0=“STORE NAME HERE”;;On;“STORE NAME HERE” ALLOWADDSTORE=N

Looks like it adds a subkey “Sites” with this store data to Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Citrix\Dazzle and then adds some strings with STORE0, STORE1 and so on. If the ALLOWADDSTORE=N is used, it updates the Dazzle\AllowAddStore string from blank to “N”.

For now we’ll just use Registry-ShouldBe and enforce it that way, but would be cool to be able to configure this from the software deployment.

@DarrenDK , because there are what looks like 4 necessary fields “per store”, it’d be nice if we had a way to have some kind of class parameter so we could accept the class fields as parameters–maybe this is possible already and I haven’t seen it?