Create Azure Image using Immybot?

Has anyone been able to use ImmyBot for creating/updating your Azure/AVD images?
Maintaining Azure images is a bit of a headache. Nerdio makes it better/easier, but being able to leverage ImmyBot could potentially make it even easier.

We stopped imaging altogether. Grab the Immy PowerShell installer script (auto onboard enabled) and upload it to Nerdio as a scripted action. Then, goto your pool properties > VM deployment > scripted actions and add in your Immy installer under “when a VM is created”.

You have Autopilot for AVD!

Somewhere in Nerdio, there is a setting you may have to adjust to allow Immy time to onboard the host before it’s “ready” for user sessions. I cant remember where its at, but we have ours set to 15 mins. It would depend on how long a typical onboarding session takes for the client.


Thanks, @Anthony_Birone!
Autopilot for AVD sounds a lot better than what I was trying to describe. :grin:
In theory, we could take it one step further and make it Autopilot for Azure and use this for Servers as well. :exploding_head:

I don’t remember seeing that setting in Nerdio, but I’ll ask them where to find it.
Worse case, we can add another Nerdio scripted action that tells Nerdio to “take a nap” while Immy does its thing.

Thanks again!

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I just double-checked for that setting in our Nerdio now that I’m in front of a computer - I can’t find it. I thought it was part of the auto-scaling settings, but I’m not seeing it.

It’s possible I dreamed up that feature… :rofl:

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I talked to the Nerdio team and it looks like they have an Azure Runbook (Delay host availability in AVD for 10 minutes) that stops the AVD Host from being “ready” until ImmyBot finished its thing.
I’m thinking of cloning/modifying the runbook to look for a file that ImmyBot can drop onto the host once it has finished the onboarding tasks. That way, whether we’re deploying 1 app or 100 apps, we don’t have to modify Nerdio multiple times. :slight_smile: