Creating a second MSP Tenant for Internal IT

Hello! I’m unsure how common this situation is, but I’d like to request this nonetheless.

We’re a rather large MSP, and due to this and our SOC requirements, our “Internal IT” is sioled off from the “client-facing” side of the company. Unfortunately, years ago when our tenants were created… our “Partner Tenant” is actually our tenant that all of our stuff lives in. Our Internal IT is considering using Immy for a portion of their deployments, but I’d be unable to give them access to it since they’d have access to all of our client stuff as well.

I would like to create a child-tenant in our Immy for them, so I can restrict them to JUST that tenant, but I’m getting an error for setting a duplicate Azure Tenant ID (as is intended). Since the Azure connection is really only used for the user sync and reading the licensing and group details (and nothing is being “written” by Immy), would having a child tenant with the same Azure Tenant ID be possible, for the sake of the Primary User picking and creating “Tenant Admins” that way? This would be so our Internal IT could manage their own stuff without seeing our client stuff.