Custom Variables

I think it would be handy to have the ability to create custom variables for both cross-tenant and tenant-specific cases.

One example of where this could be useful, is if you set a custom “$DEMUserName” and “$DEMPassword” variable for each tenant, then you could have a single cross-tenant deployment of Join AzureAD with the fields set to those variables and maybe a tenant tag to identify AzureAD tenants.

Another thing this could be useful for is to overwrite things that might not usually be changeable. For example, someone mentioned the form factor short names not being changeable right now, but what if you could overwrite them with a custom variable for only the cases that you need it?

I would also like to see this. We have a ton of tools in our standard toolset, if we had a tenant level custom variable we could put that customers unique value in their tenant and map the software at the cross-tenant level. This would be SOOOO much easier than what we are doing today. Right now we have to create a separate deployment for every single tenant for every single tool.

This would be helpful for the SentinelOne deployment where we have a shared tenant key that expires every 30 days. Updating the one variable would be preferred to updating each client’s deployment.

There are a number of cases where we need to reference Org IDs in other systems that don’t currently have full integrations (IT Glue, NinjaRMM). It would be extremely helpful to have this so we can create one cross-tenant deployment, instead of one deployment per tenant.