CW Manage Agreement Product

When picking an agreement by product from CW PSA in a deployment, we sometimes have things that are named very similarly or even identically in the description – but we have no way of knowing which is which in the dropdown.

Can this be improved and display the Product ID beside the description?

I use Halo as opposed to Connectwise, but I don’t know why displaying the ID would make this any easier? Sounds like this needs to be cleaned up on the PSA side, imo.

The field I am referring to is not the unique identifier integer. It is the known to us text identifier. Think of it as a SKU. There are business reasons why the same description exists but the product ID makes it clear which you are picking.

It would be ideal if the picker was in the format: Description (Product ID)

And it would be even better if we could pick more than one product to pick within the deployment. Same for other filtering properties like agreement type.

Any more thoughts on this @DimitriRodis ?