Datto Endpoint Backup for PCs

Datto Endpoint Backup is commonly used and it would be great if ImmyBot had a deployment for it. There would need to be a configuration parameter for the token.

MSI and silent deployment instructions here - Deploying the Datto Endpoint Backup agent via a third-party RMM

I don’t have a way to test this without a token it seems

You could try an install script something like this

Install-MSI -Path $InstallerFile -MSIParameters @{

Creating a configuration task with the parameter name of Token.

And the below looks like it may be suitable for a dynamic version script

$URL = Get-RedirectedUri "http://dat.to/cloudcontinuitymsi"
Get-DynamicVersionFromInstallerURL $URL
  • Ensure your deployment system has the latest versions of Visual C++ installed. Outdated versions of Visual C++ can cause installation failures and may not report them.The latest Visual C++ version packages can be obtained from Microsoft’s website.

Based on this it’s unclear what version of C++ might be required, but likely adding a pre-req of Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable (x64) sounds like it would be suitable.

Hi Gav. Thanks for taking a look at this. I’m actually relatively new to ImmyBot and a bit unfamiliar with creating these scripts. I was hoping this would get added to the software library at some point. I can provide a token for testing if that helps.

You might want to go give it a shot.

Most of the stuff in global that requires keys or licenses have been (initially) done by immy users willing to contribute, or in conjunction with someone like myself and someone who owns licenses and has the ability to test–just because something installs in Windows successfully doesn’t mean it works.

Even with a token, we wouldn’t have a way of verifying proper function in the management tool/cloud portal.

So, go give it a shot. Sounds like a few lines of powershell ought to get you there!

@Peter_Fisher were you able to give this a try?
How did it go?
If you are still unsure how to create software, I created a write up about Kofax that you could follow and use it as a general guide. Just replace the script contents with the ones provided here.