DefensX Filtering Agent

It would be handy to have an install and removal script for the DefensX content filtering agent added to ImmyBot.

It’s installed via MSI and has several configuration options. I’ve written an install, version check, and removal script that’s at NinjaOne-Scripts/DefensX at main · dszp/NinjaOne-Scripts · GitHub and it includes a version-independent download URL that’s evergreen (, with a redirect to the versioned installer where the version can be extracted from the file name. A handful of installation flags are available as arguments to the MSI and are set in my script via script parameters and converted. The agent is self-updating, but the URL$SpecificVersion where $SpecificVersion is a full version number that exists, will download an older installer.

The /quiet parameter installs silently as system, and the following are the possible flags for installation:


The above flags are set to those values when the UI switches are all set to ON here (skip Use Short Deployment Key which I believe should be used as the regular one is very long, either should work and both are available from the UI and interchangeable), which is OPPOSITE of the default (the default for all of the above options is the opposite of the above values, if left off of the install command):

Uninstallation would be executing the MSI removal of the software matching “DefensX Agent” in the registry’s uninstall inventory.

Not super urgent and I haven’t had time to try, but I think with Immy’s easy MSI functions, someone working with it regularly would likely be able to produce a script with parameters quickly. If I get the time at some point I may also try, if no one else beats me.