Dell SupportAssist Remediation keeps reinstalling

Hey guys,
Just asking here if anyone’s had the same experience.

I’ve got Dell SupportAssist Remediation uninstalling as a normal deployment, but then it just comes back the day later. Dell SupportAssist uninstalls fine, but Dell SupportAssist Remediation reappears. Does anyone know why this is occurring? I’ve got a filterscript targeting Dell machines for this app and it just keeps coming back after successfully uninstalling. Does anyone have any ideas about this? The app’s a nasty one as it does image backups and fills up the hard disk.

Cheers all!

I have not seen this happen, but I am also formatting every Dell that comes through our door from the factory. If I had to guess, there’s probably another Dell component that is reinstalling this, and I’m doubting it’s Dell Command Update because we regularly deploy and use that, but SupportAssist Remediation is not on any of our machines.

Ok mate cheers for the response Dimitri, will keep investigating!