Deployment Profiles

To improve flexibility for deployments I would like to have something called “Deployment Profile”. The idea is that there exists a “Default” deployment profile for every client, but each client can have additional deployment profiles, eg “Public Access”, “Factory”, etc.

Deployment Profiles would be added to the options in Target Scope, so it would now be (“Cross Tenant”), “Single Tenant”, “Single Tenant Profile”, “Individual”. This allows for the existing Target Type and Target Filter selection.

also the deployment profile would be selected on the USB, eg separate USBs for “Default”, “Public Access”, etc.

Have you looked at the tags feature? These seems like exactly what your describing. You can create a USB that tags devices. You can then deploy software/tasks to tags.

Unfortunately tags can’t be used with Meta or Filter scripts, which limits their usefulness. If filter/meta scripts had visibility to tags that would be awesome, but that’s a different feature request :slight_smile:

Tags would be most useful if I could use them in addition to the other criteria, and also invert them like “deploy to everything except for devices tagged with Public Access”