Deployment to Disable and Enable "Services"

Looking for a deployment that has a parameter to check status of service and then change the status.

I need to disable a service across multiple computers and looking for a deployment to do this. But figured this could be Global where you can enter the service name and as long as it finds it you can update otherwise it would just fail.

Maybe a dropdown that lists Disabled, Automatic, Automatic (Delayed Start)

@Timothy_Wachenfeld check out the task just pushed to global “Set Windows Services to Desired State Template”
Remember a template task should be duplicated and named for what you are using the template for.

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awesome! I was trying to create one on my own, but my skills are lacking…just tested and it worked like a charm!

You can thank @DimitriRodis for this one. He had it hiding in his instance and approved pushing it to global :smiley:

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Sometimes I do stuff like that and just plain forget to put it in global! Thanks for pushing it up @Gav

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I have a local deployment for Little Green Button
Downloads | For Existing Customers | Little Green Button

I need the service to be delayed start, but when I try and search in the task feild for the software it’s not showing.


not showing here under the software deployment

It’s not a software configuration task.
Create a new task under that software if you want it be a software configuration task and select the same global script.

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I tested setting it to Manual and that works but when pushing Automatic (Delayed Start) it shows the results as it changed it but when checking the service, it still just shows as Automatic. Are you able to test a service on your end to see if you can change it to Automatic (Delayed Start)?

were good, looks like the Delayed Start needs a reboot to apply.

@DimitriRodis this one looks like it might need further review.
I didn’t think it would require a reboot to complete .

Not sure if we want to force a reboot, the delayed start doesn’t need to take effect until after the machine is rebooted anyway, so it’s kind of pointless (in my opinion) just to reboot the machine for the sake of it displaying in the service manager, unless someone disagrees?

yea overall no need to force a reboot, I pushed it out and just wait for the user to reboot it.