Directory Migration - Bypass for Active Directory Check

Recently I had to perform profile migrations for an onboarding project. This company was a subsidiary of a larger company that was not being onboarded, so we did not have access to the DC (we could not get an ImmyBot agent on it). This forced us to use Forensit instead of Immy’s Directory Migration task because it could not check that the domain profile was in active directory.

I would like some way to bypass this active directory check, since the DC is not always going to be available. If possible, I’d like to minimize the need for our techs to use third-party software when Immy should be perfectly sufficient.

This should be relatively easy to accomplish. We have something similar for AD to AD migrations. If you haven’t already, click Request Support from one of the affected sessions so we can see the logs.

I should also mention that if you are proficient in PowerShell you can copy the task and manipulate it to meet your needs. We’re hoping to add a merge request feature where community members can submit their changes and we can merge them into global.

I uploaded the session logs just now, so hopefully they provide some insight. I did take a look at the script but was unable to find where the check was happening. There was a bit in the Begin block that had a comment about doing a check in active directory, but there was no code in that area. So I got a feeling it is happening somewhere in the Process block, and might be occurring out of one of the built-in Immy functions that I’m not yet acquainted with.

Here’s the bit from the Begin block I mentioned: