Disk Cleanup via powershell

Run PowerShell as Administrator

Define the path to the Disk Cleanup Manager

$cleanmgrPath = “$env:SystemRoot\System32\cleanmgr.exe”

Run Disk Cleanup with the system cleanup option

Start-Process $cleanmgrPath -ArgumentList “/sageset:65535 /sagerun:65535” -Wait

Clean up system files including Windows.old

Start-Process $cleanmgrPath -ArgumentList “/sagerun:65535 /cleanup:30” -Wait

Pararmater to pick Windows update cleanup and other options

How can you choose in advance which options you want to pick so they can be parameterized?

guess that is the million-dollar question, so guess right now no way to run disk cleanup silently?

Sure, there is–but only with whatever predefined parameters you have set with /sageset . What we need is how to encode the sageset parameters in the registry so that they can be set/selected from the deployment for this.