Documentation on Tags, creating and using?

I know documentation isn’t exhaustive but am I missing something? We’ve used tags a bit but want to possibly leverage them some more so I searched in docs for “tags” and came up completely empty. Is taking the HaloPSA approach to documentation? I hope not…
Thanks in advance.

The limited documentation for tags is in the changelogs for versions 0.55 (device tags) and 0.56 (tenant and person tags). As far as I’m aware, they have a fairly small team, so it is incredibly difficult to document at the same pace that the tool is developed. Important topics will get documented, but some things just need to be explored by the user. In addition, the Discord channel is tremendously helpful.

Thanks! I will hit them up in MSPGeek but just wanted to check to make sure I wasn’t missing something first. I hate being that guy where the first and best response is “RTFM right here buddy…”
Thanks again.

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