Domain Join - One DC for Multiple Tenants

Looking for a suggestion (or maybe enhancement). We have a car dealership chain. Each dealership is a separate client (because they want to be billed separately). DC’s had been at each dealership. It’s one domain. The DC’s are 2012 so they are being retired and there will be only one DC enterprise-wide. Immy requires a DC in the tenant for the domain join task…which is now not working since only one tenant has it. Any suggestions from this group to keep our automated deployment going (We are a CW Command aka Continuum shop)? Ideally it would be great to be able to specify DC, domain, and creds (we have a lab to build these in which has a VPN to the DC) to “override” the DC being in the tenant but looking for any other suggestion. We considered deploying them to the tenant that has the DC but then a bunch of other stuff needs to be removed / re-added due to license tied to that site (like WebRoot).

Thanks in advance

Haven’t tried it yet, but a while back I asked support if they could allow the ODJ to run on more than just the DC. They said it was a good idea, and I think it got implemented, but I totally forgot about it until your request here. Technically, as long as a machine is joined already, it can talk to the DC for you when you run djoin (I used to do this with MDT). Try setting the preferred domain controller parameter to any device that you know is joined and will stay online for each location.

We tried setting the domain, and domain controller in the form but it appears the first thing it does is check if there is a DC in IMMY for the tenant. If we could just have the option to ignore that and have immy to an online join (via details entered into the form), that would be perfect.

Yeah, so I guess you might want to email support. I found my previous emails about this and I guess it was for the directory migration task. They created a SkipDomainControllerLookup parameter at that time:

I guess you would just want to ask them to bring that behavior into the Configure-ComputerNameAndDomainJoin script that they use in both the Configure Directory task and the Set Computer Name and Domain Join task.