ESILaw 360

Need EsiLaw 360 for a few of our law firms. I can’t figure out how to get it to install silently.

You’d need to figure out silent installation parameters to start with before it can be scripted with Immy. Get docs from the vendor, google, and test it by hand. Once you have silent installation commandlines/parameters you’ve usually already done the hard part. It’s typically not magic, it’s typically research.

The installer is quite weird, when I use /? on it, the only permissable fields are for urls. I didn’t think to contact the vendor, but I’ll try and do a bit more testing before I do that

In any case, I figured I’d post here first, because I know some of you guys like a challenge. There’s also the possibility that someone gets a solution before I do and now they can submit it here :sweat_smile:

As Immy has quite a few of the popular/heavily used applications in the repository, it has become more difficult to tell what software deployments to take on without community votes, and this one has 0 votes currently.

That said, the challenge is more than just deciding to take it on. I own an MSP in Las Vegas, and I write scripts and create software deployments as we need, and I very often contribute my work to ImmyBot (which became a formal arrangement at the beginning of last year). If I don’t have a client with a particular software, or we don’t use it in out practice, then it becomes necessary to set up a call to work with the requestor, which I will do as a professional services.

If you can get others to garner votes, it will become more likely that this will get done, unless you would like me to take this on as a project. Additionally, if you have documentation or references that support a known/proven method of silent installation, Immy support may escalate that to me since (in theory) it should be a short/quick implementation in that case.