Exclude deployment from Full Maintenance

I would like to create deployments and exclude them from full maintenance in order to specify different Reboot Preference and Offline Behavior.

I would like to deploy certain software separately from full maintenance to ensure that reboot is forced and offline behavior is skip. Full maintenance would retain different values.

Can you be more specific? I don’t see why this would be advantageous, and why you’d want to run just ONE deployment separately with separate reboot preferences. “Reboot if necessary” has served me quite well the past couple of years!

I have a similiar request that I’ll put on this request.

I would also like to be able to create deployments and exclude them from full maintenance.

I want to be able to run driver and firmware updates (through Dell Command Update / Lenovo System Update)but not during business hours. When I tested this I had a high amount of issues that users experienced for the updates that ran during business hours. For the computers that were on overnight and updated out of business hours they were fine.

Currently there is no feature within Immy to have a deployment apply but only that one single one to not run if during business hours.

Agreed. Having a maintenance schedule that is more flexible would be great.

Certain updates, like the Vendor BIOS updates, can be time consuming. If you were to do 90% of the first schedule on Friday at 8pm, then do a separate schedule on Monday at 4 am, it would help reduce potential errors. I have seen that when I and others have run full maintenance, the Vendor updates seem to always fail unless we do a re-run.