Export computers list

Would it be possible to add an export option to the computer search? It would be useful for reports or even if you needed to sort a lot of agents and wanted to use excel or something similar to do so.

you mean like a CSV /PDF report with all computers in a tenant and then view their config/hardware status?

Yes exactly like that.

Sounds like you’d need a column chooser in order to get exactly what you (or anyone else) would want. I think that would definitely be helpful. But, what if Immy could populate information back into your PSA? Would that be better? (That’s my preference, but I also understand not everyone uses Halo or Connectwise either)


I think this would be useful. Currently the only thing I have to export is a list of computers, which is nice. but I’d like to gether more information here with the column chooser. I don’t want to have to use a web scraper just to get the info on the screen :frowning:


To add to this, an export list option would be neat in the “Software Search” area within a specific Tenant. It would be great to export a list of computers with the searched Application and its version. If there is already a way to do this then apologies.

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Chiming in that this would be great.

The upcoming 0.61 release will have an export computer list with column chooser like the detected software feature.

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Is this working yet?

Computer Excel Export has been added in the 0.61 release

Computer Excel Export | immy.bot