Generate Inventory Report

Request to generate a configuration report with an inventory of installed software, system specs, user , tenant.

This report can be per machine or per tenant - so we can filter what is included on the report. so tenant report may have current list of all computers and their specs, etc.

To begin with, I’d rather Immy simply expose the data to third party reporting tools, and later come back around and implement the basics.


Do you think it would be possible to integrate to Liongard or another third party reporting tool? Would be interested to know which ones you are considering on the list.

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@DimitriRodis do you use something for reporting? thinking more along the lines of Software, feel Automate actually does pretty good on reporting a full list of all software so when onboarding a client and we isntall Automate we can see the apps they use.

if I push out immy I want to be able to see all the software their devices have. If I look under Tenants > Client > Software will this show all software even if its not a deployment under immy and also will there be an option to export data to excel?

Tenants / Software export would be nice. Also include simple csv export on Software Search tab please.

I agree, that’s a great stop-gap so guess the top ones being: MSPBots, PowerBI and BrightGauge and later on, build an inventory within Immy Bot. Nothing fancy, just tables with columns and use that to filter/extract info

Looks like this request is more or less the same as these two unless I’m mistaken
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