Global Software Request (Adobe Pro CC)

Would you guys be able to add the Creative Cloud version of Adobe Pro as an install task? We have several clients that use the creative cloud version instead of the stand-alone 2020 Pro version.

If I recall correctly these need to be generated from your login to the Adobe CC portal.
@Jason_Lang from memory has completed a few of these could likely confirm.

Hey @Gav and @JMendum , I have been doing these deployments by using the Deployment packages that you can generate out of an Adobe Teams account with the full CC package subscription. I create each individual app as a deployment, it works out better for our applications as some are ala carte and some need all the apps.

Hope this is helpful!

For Acrobat Pro, I would recommend using the 64bit version Adobe has (somewhat) recently made available:

Download Acrobat 64-bit for Windows (

The 64 bit version finally resolves some issues with large PDF’s that the 32 bit version always had issues with.

@Jason_Lang on, thank you for that information. Are you using Adobe’s silent install method for the CC apps or are you using Immy’s global deployment install task?

I am using the appropriate silent parameters for each file, I believe most of them run an MSI.

@Jason_Lang Awesome. I am noticing that after creating a package, it downloads a lot of data in to a .zip folder. After that, are you just uploading the setup.exe in to immy as a software file and deploying from there? I would think that the custom packages in the Adobe Admin center require all the dependency files as well, so just curious.