Granular Technician Permissions

Hey Guys,

As Immy has evolved for us, it is now used by everyone in the business. But I and a handful of others are still the only users with permissions high enough to create, edit or delete deployments.

Ideally, we want technicians to have the ability to edit deployments, mainly just the parameters. For instance, Sophos Endpoint, our customers time to time will upgrade to a higher tier for more protection and that will require additional features be checked on the deployment.

What takes 2 seconds to update, can take hours / days depending on when one of us with permission has time to look at it. Where a tech with the actual ticket to perform the upgrade could also just do it in 2 seconds.

Can permissions finally be reviewed? It’s something that has been asked for a lot, always told “it’s coming” but here we are

If you wanted to get super fancy, maybe even just certain tasks have access to be modified by lower permission tiers, but even the former is sufficient for us.

@DarrenDK some of this is coming in 56, yes?

Maybe in 57? This (plus restricting access to tenants) is a major security issue for us too.