"half asleep" computers

I’ve been noticing a few issues lately where I wake up computers (via Automate or Control), and the computer comes online according to those tools, but ImmyBot won’t run anything. That’s not an ImmyBot thing - I can’t issue commands via Automate or connect via Control. The computer just seems to be “half asleep”, maybe in a lower sleep state.

I remember seeing this back in the Windows XP days too.

Is there anything the ImmyBot agent could do to fully wake up the computer? Or any other agent for that matter?

Can you provide some info/context here? Screenshots? Logs?

Not sure about the Windows XP reference, Immy never supported XP afaik.

Generally speaking, if you have the BIOS settings set appropriately to support Wake On Lan, and you run the Wake On Lan Windows task I put in global early last year, you should be able to wake computers up to run tasks/maintenance. I have a pretty high success rate when it comes to waking computers up because of the BIOS settings script I use in conjunction with the Windows Wake On Lan script I contributed.

I have also seen drivers play a role in a computer not coming out of a sleep state effectively, or itself be non-functional after waking from sleep–this was the case we had with about 45 laptops at the begninng of 2022, and running Dell Command Update ahead of maintenance schedule brought down the updated audio driver that wouldn’t fail after the laptop went to sleep.

The point is, there are a number of factors that could be playing a role in what you’re talking about that have nothing to do with ImmyBot–and getting to the bottom of it requires more details than “seems” and “maybe” statements.

Yes it’s all very vague, and is possibly a driver issue. My laptop sometimes won’t wake up and just sits there with a blinking light and roaring fan (even though all drivers have been updated)

I’ll look into the WoL script in ImmyBot too. Thanks

Ive also seen this in an instance earlier today.
The device came back online at 3:59:07.
Session 47129 started almost immediately afterwards, completed at 3:59:28

But session 48343 for the same device, which was queued 3 minutes before the device came online, didnt start at all and I killed it 7 minutes after the device came online

I can gather agent logs - point me at the location and I’ll grab them.

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That’s a different issue @Alex_Williams, some pending sessions won’t properly resume when the endpoint comes online. The fix for that is with the devs and will be fixed in the 56.x series.

I’ve got a computer doing this right now. It looks like it went to sleep earlier today during the detection phase of a package (ironically, the package was “Enable Wake on LAN”!).

Right now, CW Control says it hasn’t checked in since 6 hours ago, CW Automate says “Last Contact” was about 20 minutes ago, and “Heartbeat” was a few minutes ago. So it’s kind of reaching out to CW Automate periodically, but it won’t execute commands, and won’t wake up enough to talk to CW Control.

ImmyBot says it’s online, but I assume it’s just reflecting the status in CW Automate, and the computer is pinging CW Automate just often enough for Automate to think it’s online.

“Enable Wake on LAN” is now part of our standard deployment, but this computer didn’t get the message yet.

And after 20 minutes it finally ran the "dir C:" command I got CW Automate to send to it… it’s like it’s running in some really slow super-low-power mode.

I’ll see what it does with “shutdown -r -t 1” :slight_smile:

@James_Harper I feel dirty to even suggest this… Microsoft is Forcing me to Buy MacBooks - Windows Modern Standby - YouTube
I wonder if what your talking about might be connected to the mess LTT goes on about here?

Maybe. I’m at home with a cold or something and my brain is fried. I got about a minute into that video and then closed it. I’ll wait for the TL;DR version to come out :slight_smile:

(I have no patience for a 5 minute video that could be better done in a few paragraphs of text at the best of times! Don’t get me started on appliance repair videos!!!)

Seeing the issue actually play out last night at this client was useful though.

Is there a magic command I can use to wake up a computer in this S0 sleep state? ImmyBot just doesn’t have the patience to talk to a computer in S0, but Automate runs commands just fine as it’s happy waiting for the 10-15 minutes between check-ins. WoL doesn’t work in this case because the computer is not really “asleep” or off.

It would be awesome for the ImmyBot agent to be able to bring the computer out of S0 if something needs to be done.

Google search for “wake computer from s0” completely misses the point - i just get a bunch of results about disabling S0 or changing timers. If I can wake a computer from S0 then it pretty much solves all the problems.

I would love this myself, for Immy to be able to improve the WoL script. 99% of the time I wait for a computer to come online, then for the Ephemeral agent to kick in when it’s online.

Unless running the script enables WoL already (with a reboot), and all we have to do is execute the task.