Handle Duplicate Maintenance Session

I would like to request some kind of system feature to handle duplicate maintenance sessions. Either an option to overwrite or replace for a given endpoint if it’s schedule has not run since last time.

Example, customer has weekly maintenance on Friday, with apply on connect behavior, but endpoint is offline for longer than a week or two. Does a duplicate maintenance session just get queued up? I would think just replacing or canceling all existing maintenance would be suitable. I would not want ad hoc deployments cancelled, just full maintenance, or perhaps an option in the schedule to pick.
I do know about skip, but for systems that are almost always offline during the maintenance time we may still want them to apply on connect.

Maybe just our use case but we end up with many pending sessions, often more session than the total number of endpoints we manage.

Also, on scheduling, the option to duplicate a schedule would be cool, just like copying a deployment and changing the tenant or a variable, etc, copy the schedule.

Thanks for the consideration.