Here's one way to avoid using Win32_Product

I recently found a script made by the almighty Johan Arwidmark, for those of you familiar with MDT. He suggests to use a com object based around WindowsInstaller.Installer. I made some modifications and turned it into a local Immy function called Detect-SoftwareWithCOM. Here’s the script itself:


Invoke-ImmyCommand {
    $Installer = New-Object -ComObject WindowsInstaller.Installer
    $InstallerProducts = $Installer.ProductsEx("", "", 7)
    $InstalledProducts = ForEach($Product in $InstallerProducts){
            Name          = $Product.InstallProperty("InstalledProductName")
            ProductCode   = $Product.ProductCode()
            LocalPackage  = $Product.InstallProperty("LocalPackage")
            VersionString = $Product.InstallProperty("VersionString")
            VersionMajor  = $Product.InstallProperty("VersionMajor")
            VersionMinor  = $Product.InstallProperty("VersionMinor")
            ProductPath   = $Product.InstallProperty("ProductName")
            InstallSource = $Product.InstallProperty("InstallSource")
            InstallDate   = $Product.InstallProperty("InstallDate")
            URLUpdateinfo = $Product.InstallProperty("URLUpdateInfo")
            Transforms    = $Product.InstallProperty("Transforms")
            ProductIcon   = $Product.InstallProperty("ProductIcon")

    $InstalledProducts | Where-Object { $_.productpath -like "*$($using:InstalledSoftware)*"  }

I’ve mentioned the negatives of using WMI with the Win32_Product class before, so here’s a bit of an alternative. Once I figure out how to utilize the detection to start an uninstall, I’ll add it here.

For more information here’s a couple resources about the problem WMI class:
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and even Microsoft’s own documentation:
Win32_Product class (Windows) | Microsoft Learn